Welcome to Destination Le Tréport-Mers !

Welcome to Destination Le Tréport – Mers !

Partly located on a coastline featuring the spectacular cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, Destination Le Tréport - Mers also has two small, rich and popular coastal rivers - La Bresle and Yères - which provide a border to the north and south for this unique land, at the crossroads of Hauts de France and Normandy ....

Privileged by its geographical situation, making it both a seaside region and authentically rural, Destination Le Tréport - Mers is located at the crossroads of all desires: fun at the coast, with the resorts between the Bay of Somme and Alabaster Coast, little puffs of nature in a legendary forest and its pathways, local flavours, with seafood and elements of the farming tradition, a spirit of curiosity with a living architectural, historical and artisan heritage ...

Spirit of the land

Destination Le Tréport – Mers, so close..............

To get away for a long weekend or a holiday, Le Tréport - Mers is a perfect destination, so close, you can visit all year round.

With its huge vistas, the Bresle Estuary pierces the Alabaster Coast and offers a maritime outlet ideal for enjoying the pleasures of the coast, which has been chiselled by the weather and the sea.

Through the enclosed meadows, wooded hillsides and plateaux, small villages can be found in the Yères Valley, as the river winds its way towards the sea, before spilling out onto a wide shingle beach, sand at low tide.

...traditions and a living heritage

The architectural heritage is witness to a rich history of two millennia and illustrates both maritime and prestigious roots: château, Collegiate church, manor houses, churches and fishing communities....

destination le treport mers patrimoine chapelle saint laurent euCDT76 H.SALAH 27 destination le treport mers fete des baigneurs mers les bains


With the scent of the Belle Epoque

The elegant maritime villas are still decorated with carved balconies and coloured facades, proudly displaying their playful identities on sumptuous ceramic plaques.

Must-see: The Valley of glass

The Bresle Valley is the leading world producer of perfume bottles. Its museum traces the history of this exceptional industry, which continues to inspire the glassmakers of today in their workshops.

destination le treport mers verre destination le treport mers ancienne mairie le treport musee du vieux treport

Discover nature!

On the Bains de Nature programme: get a breath of fresh air from the vertiginous white cliffs, whose feet are caressed by the tides, find yourself in the middle of the hundred-year-old beeches in the forest of Eu or in the green Bresle Valley, dotted with fishing lakes.

A very natural coastline

The Alabaster Coast cliffs form a typical natural monument. The highest chalk cliffs in Europe rise up here.

destination le treport mers falaises cote albatre normandie hauts de france destination le treport mers falaises cote dalbatre

The Bresle runs through the centre.....

A small waterway of 72km, the Bresle has carved its valley in the shadow of the forest of Eu and travels through ponds and villages to find its way to the Channel.

destination le treport mers fleuve la bresle destination le treport mers fleuve yeres amadio filoni

in a protected setting

Along the 40km from its source to its mouth, the Yères supplies some beautiful mills, formerly used in glass bead manufacture.

Fancy getting out and about?

The area is ideal for outdoor activities: kilometres of footpaths to discover on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike, and many water sports on lakes or at sea.

destination le treport mers foret eu boucle de beaumont destination le treport mers randonnee nature

A land to taste ....

Local produce or produce from the sea, the territory is also a new sensation for the taste buds. Fish and shellfish landed at each tide, gâteau battu and ficelles picardes [Picardy specialities], cider eau de vie and pâté with Fises pears ... enjoy your food!

Events year round!

Traditional festivals, local events, visits, there’s plenty going on!

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